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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Some minor things to report...

This will be brief.

Google's Desktop search ( kicks ass!! So go get it.

Google's text messaging search is also cool:

A blast from my past occurred this week as our division manager needed assistance reconnecting a Windows 98 PC to his home network. The usual checks were made ensuring the NIC was installed right. Those checks are to run WINIPCFG and make sure you have a listing for your network card, and hopefully an IP that is valid. A good check is to set your NIC's IP and try and ping it. If you get replies, its installed right. Next make sure you can ping your gateway. And finally make sure your cable is well connected. Also make sure the cable you are using is a CAT 5, 5e or CAT 6 cable. One error had someone switch from a Windows ICS setup with 2 PC's and using a crossover cable. Upon their upgrade to a router that cable will only work in the uplink port so be aware of your cabling.

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