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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why Blu-Ray should win from here on out....

Much has been made of the HD-DVD vs. Blu Ray format war. There are technical and capability differences in the formats. Consumers really don't care. They both have amazing and virtually equal movie quality. Consumers don't care.

Technical individuals in the computer, gaming, audio and video field whether they are content creators, enthusiasts, journalist or bloggers want a winner and end to this format war.

On the eve of CES 2008, Wanner Brothers movie studio who had been supporting both formats announced that they would be going to Blu Ray exclusively. HD DVD Consortium then canceled a early press event. A tech community wanting a winner, proclaiming a possible winner if not at least the front runner were embolded by the prompt tail-between-the-legs / take-my-ball-and-go-home feeling the HD DVD Consortiums cancellation instilled.

The wanters and waiters in the consumer realm were ecstatic. Here was enough reason to no longer wait and get that PS3 or other Blu ray player for the sole purpose that they wanted to flex that new 1080p HDTV's muscles.

The best bloggers and tech journalists have provided some reasons how blu ray can now clinch this "war". Here are mine in no particular order:
  • Reduce license fees to all blu ray parties (device and studios)
  • Reduce price of stand alone players
  • Strike deals with the biggest retailers to sell ONLY blu ray moives.
  • Release Blu ray blank media and burners for PC's Laptops
  • Advertise as the winner. Americans love to be told what to think.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hopes for Macworld...teech on 2008

It's been in incredibly long time since I sat down or even remotely had the time to write a blog post. Now that there is a slight lul in the action here at the Trif abode, I'll try and make some smart tech sense....

Let me start with the iPhone. I have now been an iPhone user and lover since the first week in July 2007. It is still the best phone I've ever owned. It is also be best mobile computing device (smartphone if you must) as well. I spend endless time on the couch watching TV with my iPhone as my internet surfing device. This is simultaneous to Michelle's usage of her 12" Inspiron laptop during tv watching times. The iPhone represents the richest web browsing experience of any mobile device and one that is on par with full brower clients like IE7, Safari and Firefox.

With my jailbroken (term for installing your own 3rd party apps), it is a fierce smart phone competitor to windows mobile and the blackberry. Some of the things that can be done to make it an even more competitive device or superior device is some of the outcomes I'd like to see from macworld.

This macworld comes a year to the announcement of the iPhone and about 6 months after its release. Some of the early shortcomings must be addressed. These range in technical complexity so I list in no particular order.

1. Copy and Paste
2. MMS (yes i know email is just as easy and free but sometimes you need MMS)
3. 3G (Edge is slow but not terrible as long as you are in metropolitan/suburban areas)
4. 3rd Party Apps (just can't come soon enough)


So the above was typed before Macworld but I simply didn't have time to post it. Now that macworld has happened, some comments:

1. iPhone

Google is freaking the best company every. Location and the usability updated in 1.1.3 has me willing to forgo jailbreak apps of 1.1.2. I had the opportunity to stop at the Apple story and play with it. Worked great in Allentown PA.

WebApp Icons

Nice. I just recently re-organized all my iPhone bookmarks so this can make it easier to hit the most popular sites i goto like Twitter and Facebook.

Icon Re-arrangement. Executed with simplicity and ease that only Apple can bring to a consumer device. Excellent

No 3G. Clearly its not ready. Plenty of wifi available. Really a non issue for me.

2. Macbook Air

Awesome. Expensive. If I can get work to buy one I just may. As for the Trif household. I really see the iMac the way to go as a appliance computer for our downstairs. It will only be used w/o wires with the exception of the power cord.

3. Movie Rentals

This is how I want to watch movies. For 2.99/3.99 SD, I will rent and watch movies on my iPhone through iTunes. The movie industry just made ripping DVDs and encoding for iPhone not woth the work. Sorry Handbrake, you've been released.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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