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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Xbox recall and "I love being right"

Two items of interest this evening. First, Microsoft Corp. is recalling Xbox Power Cords. Check out the recall website here. Second, after being accused of misplacing a Target giftcard I used to purchase a lamp, it was determined the one in my lovely wife's wallet was the card I used as I told her. Howerver it took checking the balance on to reveal that I was right. I love being right. :-)

Monday, February 14, 2005

Spoofing and Phishing...

Some or all of you may have heard of Spoofing or Phishing. It is an attempt by a rogue email and website to get you to send them confidential financial information. Credit card and account numbers, pins, etc. Very personal information. Un-educated (Dumb, maybe) peole fall for the prank. Below is a image of paypal Phish, the email wants me to think I need to do what it says. However the link in the message does not take me to but to this address that is clearly someone in a foreign country trying to steal my shit. Beaware. Bastards.

PayPal Spoofing email... Posted by Hello