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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Its the little ones you have to watch out for...

What started out as a simple re-build job for a Gateway solo 1200 laptop turned out to be a bit of a chore. It started with the laptop struggling to copy the Windows 2K or XP setup files during the DOS portion of the install. In fact, I was getting various bluescreens during install with both OS's. I thought since both CD's were in good shape that there was an issue with the CD-ROM drive, a fair conclusion. However, after the install of a new CD-ROM I was still having issues. I broke out some old schoold Win 9x boot disks, loaded SMARTDRV read-cacheing tool and copied the i386 folder to the HD (fast and w/o issue). The install from the HD lead to the same blue screens. A new BIOS flash later I was making no progress until a different blue screen thanks to windows 2000 and stop error 0x00000067. That lead to 2 KB articles, one of which suggest bad RAM and to test and replace. NO! it could be bad chips? YES it was. Bootable memory check from confirmed bad memory from about 20 - 35MB segments on the computer. I just realized that that laptop has 64 MB on-board the motherboard and 64 MB in an add-in card. I will have to go back and check if its the on-board memory or the add-in SODIMM. Today's lesson, check those stop errors completely and run all tests before assuming.

Update: Well, I pulled the add-in RAM and the on-board soldered to the MB RAM is dead. Damn. Laptop is now only good for parts.

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