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Monday, March 27, 2006

Serioius IE Flaw...

Researchers at various secuirty sites have seen an escalation in attacks using an unpatched Internet Explorer (IE) flaw to steal users account names, passwords and personal financial information.

Microsoft acknowledged the previously undisclosed flaw in a blog posting earlier this week, in which it urged users to practice "safe browsing practices" -- such as only visiting trusted Web sites. I'd like to offer my two cents, which is that readers who use Windows consider downloading and using a different browser, like Firefox, Netscape or Opera.

If you do not want to believe these dangers are real, please check out this article on what the attackers are doing with your computer.

Now more than ever it is important to stop using IE on a daily basis and switch to an alternative browser. If your attached to IE for a specific websites functionality, please be sure to only use IE for that site.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Media wall...

So we started with one rack that was moved from upstairs in my house down to my newly finished basement. What a great way to finish that angled wall I put in to cover up some plumbing. This is the grey metallic color of the Benno CD/DVD tower from Ikea. Enjoy...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Access your comptuer from ANYWHERE

I found a great program/site for accessing your home comptuer when you are away from it. It is called LogMeIn and it works like Remote Desktop but without the hasstle of having to know your comptuers IP address or complicated setups through firewalls.

Visit the LogMeIn site and sign up for the free basic remote comptuer access program.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Online Word-Processor/Collaboration

From the you-don't-have-to-spend-a-grand on a word processor department, Writely (Beta) is a web based word processor. Great for simple to medium complex documents, this online, AJAX based application is a free product now owned by Google. When I read about the acquision of the product by Google I new it sounded famiar. I actually had an account already (which is good as new account requests are frozen until they move to Google's servers). Anyway, I found this to be great so try it out. You can actually collaborate on the same doc with others at the same time and all get the same changes. If you want an account let me know and I will invite you.

Friday, March 10, 2006

All Instant messengers, anywhere

Tired of corporate or school firewalls blocking you favorite IM program. Try Meebo. Slick easy to use interface in your web browswer.


Far too long...

So its been a long time of neglect for Trifster's Domain...lets see if I can get some good contenet back up here.

So for today, lets discuss the cool world of the Blackberry. Since RIM's patent dispute with NTP has been resolved we can not focus on the fun of being a blackberry addict.

The new breed of Blackberry devices have some awesome capability. With the built in web browser a world of web tools and Google awaits. Below is a sampling of my favorite programs for the blackberry with links (visit for more great info):

UPDATED (3/12/2006):Opera Mini Web Browser

Blackberry Messenger
Use this cool tool to "PIN" message your fellow BB carriers.

Google Local
Download this program so you can have maps, satellite images, and directions right on you BB

Google Talk
Google Talk IM on the blackberry. Awesome

Google and Gmail
Access your personalized Google home or Gmail

AOL IM on the BB. Great program.

Berry 411
Wireless Link:
Desktop Link:
The best White Pages and Yellow Pages search software for the BlackBerry, this also has a built-in bonus of movie showtimes lookup and weather lookup!

Wireless Link:
Desktop Link:
A very nice miniature PIM "Today Screen" that displays your appointments, number of missed phone calls, number of waiting new emails, as well as today's weather, as well as your favourite stock quotes.

Wireless Link:
Desktop Link:
Ever wish you have multiple different editable "Reply-To:" addresses when writing emails on the BlackBerry? This is the solution - you can now have customizable Reply-To: when writing emails on BlackBerry.

Wireless Link:
Desktop Link:
Configures your BlackBerry light to stay always-on when out of holster. Or automatically turns on backlight when you hit a keypress (a problem on older BlackBerry models)! Be warned, this application affects battery life!

Wireless Link:
Desktop Link:
Display weather forecasts on BlackBerry on one button click, much faster than BlackBerry Browser. For entering a new city into this weather forecast application, you need an 8-character city code. (The city code is 4 capital letters followed by 4 numbers. Just grab those codes matching this pattern from inside the URL's when viewing weather forecasts at or on your desktop PC, and save the 8 character code into the BBWeather software, and viola.)
Wireless Link:
Desktop Link:
One hotkey access ("C" key) to immediately composing a blank new email message. Requires BlackBerryOS 4.1 or later. This readds the missing Compose icon from earlier BlackBerryOS software, while using the new convenient New Email interface of OS 4.1. Free utility written by Mark Rejhon (based on Ramble's version). To enable hotkeys, turn off "Dial From Home Screen" setting in Phone->Options. (You can press the phone hotkey before dialing, anyway). Hotkeys do not work on 71XX series, so you have to manually launch via icon. However, hotkeys works from PocketDay as an assigned key if you need hotkeys on the 71XX series.
Wireless Link:
Desktop Link:
One hotkey access ("Q" key) to immediately jotting down notes that is automatically copied to the clipboard. Requires BlackBerryOS 3.6 or later. Free utility written by Mark Rejhon. To enable hotkeys, turn off "Dial From Home Screen" setting in Phone->Options (hotkey does not work on 71XX).