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Thursday, October 07, 2004


There is nothing more that I hate than having to fix, work-on, and diagnose car issues. Being the owner of a 1986 300zx there is always an issues to work on. But my new issue is with my 2001 VW Jetta GLS and the stock radio. Now for those not familar with Jetta's, the front stero in an '01 is 2 bays big. The head unit sits in the middle of the front dash and contains the radio and cassette. Above that is the single CD bay (aka din). For about a month or 2 now I have had little or no radio reception. Now the roof antenna appears undamaged and well screwed in. Playing with it by hand has no effect on the systems ability to get better signal. Where I am from in Tannersville, PA there are 3 strong radio stations that come in at about 60-70% quality: 93.5, 107.1, and 107.9. We also usually have no problems getting stations from NW NJ and the Lehigh Valley of PA: 106.3, 95.1, 96.1, 99.9, 103.7, 104.1. However NONE of those stations come in with even a whisper of clarity.

So this is my first "I need your help BLOG" Please post comments and suggestions to assit me in checking the system out.

Many online sources point to the amplified antenna to be the culprit. Several things could be at issue. A poor ground due to corrosion or a friend amplifier. Since I have a partial signal, I would suspect corrosion. Stay tuned...

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