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Saturday, August 01, 2009

I see your outrage and I raise you the Feds!

For the past several days I have let it be perfectly clear on my frustration with Apple rejecting the Google Voice app from the iTunes App Store. You can relive assumption, outrage, resignation and analysis at the respective links.

I'm not even a developer. I haven't written code since undergrad and as a joe schmoe user I'm pissed.

Apparently the fine folks at the FCC love their iPhones too. The Washington Post, TUAW, TechCrunch, Chron, and all have continued their coverage of this major issue.

The FCC is a giant typical bureaucratic government agency. Within one week of the Google Voice apps (Google's and 3rd party) being removed from the iTune app store the FCC head of wireless communications has a letter out to all 3 major parties. The FCC folks!! This isn't Mike Arrington rating for more web page hits or Google fanboy's. This the The Federal Communications Commission!

Like to be one of the many to welcome the FCC to this party. Kegs to the left and jello shots in the fridge...

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