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Thursday, July 30, 2009

When you assume you only make an ass out of u and me!

Unbelievable! I not only take the time to author an original thought on the whole AT&T, Apple iPhone app store and Google Voice apps fiasco to get it, at least now, entirely wrong!!

Let's examine the latest today from Techcrunch.

Last time we reached out to AT&T to comment on the story, the company gave TechCrunch writer MG Siegler a very blunt and brief statement:

“Nope – Apple is the one who can talk about their App Store.”

But today, the company has begun sending out more detailed messages to some of the frustrated customers who have been voicing their complaints. The message below was written by Glenn Lurie, AT&T’s President of Emerging Devices and Resale.

Your letter concerning Apple’s decision on the Google Voice iPhone app was forwarded to me since I work closely with Apple.

While we’re very proud to offer the iPhone 3GS along with the thousands of apps available through the App Store, AT&T does not manage the App Store – and we are not involved in the approval process for apps in the App Store. I recommend in this particular case that you express your concerns to Apple.

I’m glad you’re enjoying your iPhone and hope that you continue to be an AT&T customer. We appreciate and value your business.

Glenn Lurie

AT&T’s stance is no longer that it can’t talk about the App Store — it’s that it doesn’t manage the App Store, and that any concerns about this case should be directed at Apple.
WOW! Zing Apple. You've just been called out and bitch slapped from the company that cannot possibly f___ up its network and support to the iPhone any more! It's the constant roar since you hear since the release of the iPhone 3GS. Not any more do we hear how you have the #1 smartphone or how you've engineered and delivered an improving evolutionary device adding value with every HW revision and software update. The daily discussion is how you are completely screwing up the App store, completely screwing your app developers and how AT&T is so f______ incompetent it can't run a 3G cellular network THAT THE ENTIRE GSM USING WORLD runs flawlessly!

You use to be a master at managing your name, products and brands. Every message, move and decision has been 100% the wrong answer. As a solutions oriented iPhone owner I'd like to help you, basically, un-f___ yourself.

1. Put every Google Voice app back in the store.
2. In fact put every bandwidth using, hogging app in immediately. Full slingplayer, uncompressed Youtube over 3G, Qik, Ustream video streaming, get the idea.
3. Extend middle finger to AT&T and show them the uncompromising determined and awesome company that you were when you started this iPhone (the awesome company that gave $100 credits for minor hiccups).

Update: Another terrible story about this Google Voice app removal
I keep finding them and I keep adding them. The world hates Apple right now. Lifehacker

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