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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The new MP3 player

I have been a long admirer of MP3 players. In fact, I have owned 2. A 6GB Creative Nomad Jukebox. Great device. 2nd, is a memorex 128MB flash based player, armband for the gym. Also great.

Lots and lots of talk have been given to the iPod. It is a great device. Really. But, and this is an important one, many are better, functionally. Nothing is going to beat the iPod styling. It is great. However, Creative has 2 products that really shine. The Creative Nomad Zen Touch has a touch based scroll bar that was made by Synaptics, the laptop touchpad maker that also made the iPod scroll wheel. The Creative Zen Touch boasts a 20 GB HD, USB 2.0 transfer, and a 24 Hr battery life. Awesome, and that kills the iPod by half a day. Purchased from for $240, it is about $59 dollars less than the iPod and IMHO a lot better. Get this if you want a HD based MP3 player.

The second is the Dell DJ. You may recall I said, earlier, that Creative as 2 products that really shine. Well, they made and designed the Dell DJ. The Dell DJ comes in a 15GB and 20GB size and prices from approx $199 - $249 respectively. It is everything the Zen Touch is except it has a mechanical wheel to scroll instead of the cool touch pad. Expect about 10 - 14 hrs batterlife.

Check these out at and

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