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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 Impressions

The first install I needed to do was to install Windows 7 on the exact hardware (laptops) that I tested Vista on for the absolute personal direct comparison. The PDC build and even more so with the 7000 build Windows 7 install is awesome. Fast, straight forward and an enjoyable experience. Install was a clean one on fully reformatted HD.

Windows 7 PDC and 7000 also run signifiantly faster out of the box than Vista SP1 out of the box on my new Aluminum 13" Macbook. Boot times are significantly shorter. Also, Time from logon screen to desktop is faster and a smoother experience. There is a lot less hard drive thrashing while at the logon screen waiting for password input and an appropriate amount of activity when logging into desktop.

The taskbar in 7000 is very nice. Great feature improvements. Icons with running applications need much better change in graphics to allow user a visual que that it is running already. Yes need the equivalent of the OS X Dock blue dot. I was thinking about this and it wouldn't be to hard to change the grey to some colors that make up the icon to complement the visual-ness of the icon/button.

Snaps are very nice. Looking to play with them on multi-monitors.

I'd like a IE8 icon on desktop/start menu even if I change default browsers.

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