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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How Apple will Exceed its iPhone Sales goal of 10 Million in year-one...

I've been closely observing "the machine." The machine as I have termed it is the Apple information management system. No its not some fancy enterprise piece of software; its not a Web 2.0 tool; its not even a computer system. It is simply Apple. From the trickle of leaks, one liners, silence, response of all information leading up to the iPhone announcement last year; this years Macbook Air.

It's a little comment made seemingly too soon (Nov: 3G iPhones in 2008). Its the lack of announcement at Macworld (16GB iPhones Feb). It is the silence about the unlocking/jailbreaking crowd. Its about mum on the SDK. Its about inverse buzz.

In the coming weeks, Apple will be in the consiousness of all in the tech industry, mainstream media, blogosphere, and fanboy world. They will release the SDK. Then come Apps. Then come killer Apps. Then....3G, New capability, Price drop (or increased capability/features at current price), then the next thing, and another, and iphone 2, iphone mini, iphone android(??).

The point of the post is to show past examples of the Apple Information Machine at work. Sometimes purring along like a nice economy car and sometimes in the fast lane like a Tesla electric sports car. Constantly in your consciousness.

iPhones can be bought for $399 8GB, $499 16GB at Apple Stores, Apple online and AT&T Corporate Retail stores.

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