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Friday, January 12, 2007


So I finally got the RCN triple package. So here's what I got and how it works...

CableTV (Full Basic): $30
Internet (10 Mbit down/800KB up): $30
Phone (Unlimited local, regional, and LD for 1 year; 5 features (caller id, etc): $30

Add my DigitalVision (little ones need Sprout and 3 PBS's :-)), HD and HD package (ESPNHD for me) and total bill is like $132 plus tax.

Separately with Verizon for phone (local only, crap), DSL (3mbit) and cable unbundled my bill was $157. So i save a few bucks and get better services in both the Internet and Phone experience.

I can only hope we get Verizon FIOS (fiber to the home) soon as well. Verizon is aggressively pricing their TV and Internet portions of this service. Also, the speeds at release of this service are 5 and 10 mbps. Expect 20, 25, and 30 mbit speeds in a year or two.

I'll re-post in a few months on the reliability and quality of the service.

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