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Monday, May 22, 2006

IM, MS Word threats, and NSA-ATT

So it has been some time since I posted howerver we do have several interesting revalations today...

Coming from our friends at Yahoo, a new work is infecting their IM (Instant Messaging) client known as Yahoo Messenger. This pesky work installs its own web browser and is engaging in spyware like activities. Ironically, the name of the insecure browsers it installs is called The Safety Browser. Check out some more about it here.

Late last week, word (ha!) surfaced on the internet the Microsoft's Word wordprocessor program has a exploit out in the wild. This exploit allows a hacker to take over your comptuer. The good news is that you need to use MS Word and open a document for the exploit to take place. Good thing only 99% of the PC world uses Word. Virus info here.

Finally, the NSA-ATT internet spying scandal is heating up. Today, Wired news/magazing published the 30-page affadavid and ATT documents describing the procedures and setup of the NSA spying equipment. Technically exciting, details things such as procedures, off-limit rooms, and fibre-splitting.

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