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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Copiers; Expensive and Flaky

My latest pain to deal with is a copier. Now these new copiers do it all. First we are talking full color, high speed behometh. Our unit is a $12,000 Xerox Workcentre M24. Now would you expect support and assistance with the install, setup and operations of your new twelve-thousand dollar copier? Well my experience wasn't so obvious. First some details....

Our organization moved into some new real-estate in our offices and are together with another group and part of our startup funding we decided on a shared multi-function device. We needed a medium sized color print and scan capabilitie + copying. We settled on this Xerox unit b/c it provided all that functionality and has great scanning functions. The scan to email feature will scan multi page documents and email a PDF file very much like the HP Digital Senders will do.

So what's our problem, undocumented error codes. Turns out this is a huge shake-down. A shake-down for Xerox to secure maintenance fees or technican charges. Our error was Fault Code 016-503. Turns out it is SMTP server not resolved error. A change of smtp server addressing fixed the problem but it took an email to the VP of Marketing to get some asses moving on this. Now its fixed, were happy and its a great unit.

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